Although most of us anglers live for the days we can take our boats to our favorite fishing holes and see what's biting, there's always a sense of relief at the end of the day when we safely back the boat into the garage.

That's because towing anything adds a profound element of risk to the driving experience. You might be cautious and aware while towing your boat, but that doesn't mean some knuckle-headed pedestrian isn't going to be looking at his cell phone on the sidewalk where you like to drive.

Just like in regular driving, while towing a boat, you'll occasionally have to stop short, change lanes and weave to miss obstructions.

That latter action can prove costly if your boat isn't fitted to your trailer properly or the gear you put in it for travel isn't forward of the axle.

The video above demonstrates why you want to put weight toward the tongue and not in the rear while towing.

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