A tow truck driver in Tennessee took his life in his own hands this week when he used his tow truck to stop a wrong way driver.

According to WVLT, Jennifer Myers was traveling along a stretch of Highway 321 in Blount County near Maryville, TN, when she spotted a dark colored SUV traveling the wrong way in the other lanes. She had no service to call 911, so she propped her iPhone on her steering wheel and started recording a video.

"In case something happened and somebody needed it as proof for anything," she told WVLT. "I basically put the phone up on the steering wheel and kept behind them in case they cut back across in traffic to get back on the right side of the road and just watched what unfolded."

As she recorded from the right lane, a heavy flatbed from Foothills Wrecker Service passed her in the left lane with his emergency lights on.

"From what I witnessed, it looked like he was trying to get her attention to stop," said Myers. "It went from that moment of excitement of 'oh good, they're going to be able to get her to stop' to 'oh no she's not stopping."

After a few moments of trying to get the SUV driver's attention, the tow truck driver tried one last crazy thing to stop the wrong way driver before she caused an accident. He crossed the median and came to a stop on 321, blocking the SUV's path. The SUV slammed into the flatbed and the day was saved. The SUV driver was taken to Blount Memorial Hospital, where it was discovered that she was having a diabetic issue and had no idea where she was or what was happening.

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