Regardless of where or how badly you've parked your car, seeing it damaged by the very people who are supposed to be towing it away, would ruin anybody's day.

This incident took place in Moscow on Nikitsky Blvd, where, judging by Google Maps, there isn't a lot of space to park on the road, so leaving your ride anywhere around there would clearly inconvenience other drivers.

Still, like we said before, the punishment should always fit the crime and the fact that this tow truck ends up breaking the windshield and crushing the roof of that Mondeo is anything but fair, even if it wasn't intentional.

There is more than one way to tow somebody's car (different types of tow trucks), and having to lift it up onto the platform is probably one of the most dangerous methods if you don't happen to know what you're doing of if there's some type of malfunction with the equipment.

In the end, according to reports from Russia, the owner of the car was compensated for the damages, though at this point, we're curious to know if he still had to pay any sort of fine or if the car was eventually towed away despite the damage.

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