A tow truck and the boat it was towing is out of the water after getting submerged at Cherry Creek Reservoir Sunday afternoon. South Metro Fire Rescue crews and a dive team responded to the west boat ramp at the reservoir to pull the truck and boat out. Crews say the truck was stuck in ground material. Divers used an airbag to try to lift the truck up so it could be pulled out. The first attempt to pull the truck out did not work. First attempt at pulling the truck out was unsuccessful. Taking another airbag under and reattaching a tow cable. pic.twitter.com/lR6FDLqhuO Crews used a second airbag under the truck and were able to float the truck above the water just enough to pull it out with tow cables. The truck was successfully pulled from Cherry Creek Reservoir. (Photo: South Metro Fire Rescue) No one was injured and no rescues had to be made.There is no word yet on what caused the truck to go under water. Read more:http://www.9news.com/news/local/tow-truck-and-boat-go-under-water-at-cherry-creek-reservoir/303871575 Call us if you need a tow truck The blog post Tow truck and boat go under water at Cherry Creek Reservoir was first published on ApexTowing - Cork via Website Feeds http://cork.apextowing.ie/tow-truck-boat-go-water-cherry-creek-reservoir/