Becker Bros. Towing is a family owned company that has proudly served the Kitchener community and beyond for the past 29 years. As each year has passed, the company’s fleet has grown and so has its list of services.

One of the services that Becker Bros. offers is specialized towing, including flatbed tow trucks with ramp systems. The company also provides enclosed car trailers; if you require one, make sure to call 24 hours ahead of time.

Flatbed towing with the ramp or the enclosed trailer is usually used to transport race cars, show cars, lowered cars, restored cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles or all-terrain vehicles.

Becker Bros. Towing also provides roll-off towing as well as tilt-and-load towing. These trucks are able to load from dock level and ground level. Their roll-off decks lay flat to the ground so that machinery can drive onto them and be secured properly.

Their tilt-and-load trucks have decks that can slide backwards and then tilt to the ground. They are equipped with a winch and can pull machinery onto the bed of the truck.

Those who commonly use these services normally load forklifts, lift trucks, reach trucks, order pickers, zoom booms, scissor lifts, small backhoes, small bulldozers and other small construction equipment.

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