ARLINGTON VA The Arlington County Board is "upgrading and refining" its county code to deal with the "frequently contentious" issue of towing the county said in a statement and one of those changes involves letting more tow trucks into the county that will be prowling area parking lots. The Board met on Saturday for its November Regular Meeting and will hold a Dec. 10 meeting to discuss "trespass towing" with the public. One of the proposed code changes involves increasing the distance a towing storage lot can be from the county boundary which the Board claims would "allow for additional competition" among towing companies. The Board made a number of other proposed changes to the county code as well including approval of additional fees that towing operators would be able to charge. "In the case of the maximum allowable fees for trespass towing the Board is expected to match the State Code in allowing for up to two instances of an additional fee of $25 for a tow that occurs between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. on weekdays or on weekends and holidays" the statementreads. "The County had authorized one flat rate throughout the week. Due to action by the Virginia General Assembly earlier this year Arlington County and other Northern Virginia jurisdictions must allow for these charges." The Board is also considering a proposal that would require towing operators to provide the county annually with information ranging from storage facilities to state-issued driver authorization documents to proof of insurance coverage. These recommendations seek to provide protection to vehicle owners while balancing the needs of property owners and their customers Brian Stout a legislative liaison for the County said in the statement. The Board will consider the following code adjustments: Requiring more signs inside parking facilities to identify additional parking restrictions should they exist Increasing from 3 miles to 3.25 miles the distance of towing storage facilities from the County boundary to allow for additional competition among towing companies without adding an unreasonable distance for drivers having to retrieve their cars Requiring that towing and recovery operators properly secure all loads to meet all safety standards" Noting in the code that Nothing in this section shall release tow truck drivers from liability for failure to use reasonable care Removing a provision requiring towing drivers to document the condition of vehicles via photographs or video before theyre towed a change designed to reflect the Countys lack of authority in damage claims Image via Arlington County Read more: Call us if you need a tow truck More Tow Trucks Prowling Arlington? Thats What the County Board is Proposing is republished from Apex Towing Dublin Blog via Website Feeds