This idiotic driver was stopped by police after he tried to tow a flatbed truck by wedging the front in the boot of his car - and securing it with just one strap. The motorist removed the front wheels doors and engine from the truck to lighten the load and hoisted it into the rear of his grey hatchback. He then lashed the two together with a single blue strap and set off along the road in Gloucester where police stopped him. Gloucestershire Police officers tweeted a photo of the potentially dangerous combination. They added: "Photos of a stop by one of our units in Gloucester - car towing a car with a van strapped on the back. "The van was quite literally strapped to the car. Driver reported for dangerous condition. No lights too." Reported: Gloucestershire Police warned others not to copy the driver (Photo: Gloucestershire Police/PA Wire) Read original: us if you need a tow truck The previous post Idiotic driver tried to tow truck by wedging its front in the boot of his car Read more on: Apex Towing via Website Feeds