ENGLEWOOD The City Council unanimously introduced an amendmentto its towing ordinance Tuesday setting higher tow fees for some vehicles andrequiring minimum lot sizes for tow operatorson city business. Under the proposal city-licensed operatorsmust respond to calls within 20 minutes; three missed or late calls makes the towersubject to losing its license. The amendment also says towers must have a secure lot big enough to house 25 cars. The amendment also changes the fee schedule so that towing companies can charge: a single flat fee of$120 up from $95for Class 1 vehicles up to 6000 pounds; a single flat fee of $160for Class 2 vehicles between 6001 and 12000 pounds; $300 per hour for heavy-duty vehicles between 12001 and 26000 pounds; $400 per hour for vehicles larger than 26001 pounds. The City Council discussing amending an ordinance on towing.(Photo: Viorel Florescu/NorthJersey.com) The amendment adjusts a measureadopted in November which set a 20-minute limit but a minimum lot size to hold 10 cars. The ordinance was based on recommendations made in May. Amore recent proposalby Police Chief Lawrence Suffern and Sgt. Robert Zimmerman which stipulated a 15-minute limit and a lot size for 50 cars was not received by the clerk in time for the November action. During a Nov. 30 special meeting to discuss the amendment the council tweaked the minimum lot size to allow for 25 cars so as not to exclude one of the borough's six applicants. Read more:http://www.northjersey.com/story/news/bergen/englewood/2016/12/06/englewood-unveils-revisions-towing-ordinance/95048144/ Call us if you need help towing a car Englewood unveils revisions to towing ordinance is courtesy of Apex Towing - Cork via Website Feeds http://cork.apextowing.ie/englewood-unveils-revisions-towing-ordinance/