An Irish woman has told how rats ATE the engine of her beloved Mercedes. Dee Clifford 60 from Kildare had to pay over 500 in repairs after rodents destroyed the insides of her car. After owning plenty of cars in her lifetime Dee bought a 151 Mercedes in June of last year. She told the Irish Mirror: "I'm 60 years of age so I thought why not just buy a Mercedes." However in October four months after buying the car Dee encountered a problem when diesel started leaking from the car. The damage to the engine She brought it to the garage where it was repaired and the engineers suggested what might be wrong. She said: "One morning I turned on the engine and someone pointed out to me that the car was leaking diesel. "I brought it to a garage in Carlow and they told me it looked like rodents had been eating the insides of the car." Dee had to pay 150 for that incident but then a week later there were more problems with it. She added: "A week later I turned the car on and diesel started flooding from the engine there was fumes of fuel everywhere. You could see the pipes were all eaten. "I had to get a tow truck to come and bring it to a garage even the guy who was towing it was afraid to go near it because their was diesel everywhere." Read more: The previous article Elderly womans Mercedes engine destroyed by rats costing her over 500 is republished from via Website Feeds