The CAA says providing roadside assistance can be very dangerous for tow truck drivers, especially in the winter. (CAA)

Canadian Automobile Association wants the three Maritime provinces to include tow trucks in emergency vehicle right-of-way laws.

'We get a lot of close calls'

Including tow trucks in the legislation means that drivers of other vehicles could be fined for not slowing down, not passing with caution or not pulling over when a tow truck is providing assistance on the side of a road, explained CAA Atlantic spokesman Gary Howard.

"We get a lot of close calls on a daily basis and that becomes even more relevant in the winter when there's less space on the side of the road," he said.

"Working on the side of the road can be very dangerous for any emergency responder. Half of the calls that we're doing are on the side of the road, so we feel it's important for all tow truck drivers to have this included in the legislation."

P.E.I.'s Department of Transportation said it is looking into the request.

Newfoundland already offers this protection to tow truck drivers, Howard said. He added that Ontario has recently included tow truck drivers into its legislation.

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